Thank you to everyone!

Jazz in the Meadow 2007

I think that we have finally had a chance to catch our breath and come down from the high of Saturday the 14th!

Nancy (food), Sandy (bar), Gabe (photo/video), and Sean (parking/web design) would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all: to Helen, Brooks, and Benny for hosting, the ambassadors for ambassing, Paul and Denny for helping with the set-up and break-down of the meadow, Rev. Moreledge for his blessing, Franklin for his toast, the Mike Tamaro Quintet, Frank Cunimondo Trio, Patty, and Benny for the wonderful music, to all who brought goodies of the food or beverage type, and everyone for making it a truly magical afternoon/evening of Friendship and Jazz.

This event is truly a labor of love for the Bartlett/Benedum families and while the voices may have been weary the feeling was strong as Benny was turning to leave and said let’s do this again in two years. So consider yourselves forewarned: Jazz in the Meadow 2009!

Web guru Sean has finally managed to get the photo section of the site up and running so check it out.

Look for more posts when the video is online and when we get the recipes for Amy’s brownies and Ruth’s Mexican Dip – yummy!

Please send requests for other recipes or feel free to email us and we’ll get them out there for all to enjoy.

Are you ready for some Jazz?!

Here at the Bartlett household we are cooking up a storm (hopefully figuratively and not literally.) We appreciate all the offers of food, beverage, and assorted talents. We continue to hear good news of people able to attend and will miss those who have other obligations.

Just wanted to remind everyone to bring a chair, a blanket, or cushion – some way to sit and enjoy the afternoon and evening.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!!!!!!!

Three weeks ’til the music of the summer!

Wow, can’t believe that the second biannual Jazz in the Meadow is only 3 weeks away. If you haven’t already RSVPd, please do so, because we – Helen, Nancy, and Sandy are starting to get serious about the food (and, of course, beverage planning) – and we wouldn’t want anyone going hungry.

Any time that we check in with Mom and Dad, we hear another update on what has transpired at the Mountains: the paths have been relaid, more B&B’s have been checked out, the tent has been rented and will be delivered on the 12th. In other words, we are getting excited and hope you are too. If Jazz in the Meadow 2005 is any indication, July 14 is sure to be a jazz extravaganza! It’s already a given that the music will be phenomenal and those are only the acts that we know of – the Mike Tomaro Quintet and Frank Cunimondo Trio never fail to thrill. The Bartlett/Benedum family promise wonderful company, a lovely setting, the aforementioned music, and hardy fare, now all we need to complete the picture is perfect weather . . . So if we could count on the wonderful guests to help out on that end . . .

And speaking of hardy fare, if you have a special dish that you are famous for, or just like to make, we would be happy to add it to our table of delicacies.

Happy Summer and looking forward to seeing everyone in 21 days!

Save The Date ~ JITM 2007 !

Yes, it’s cold and snowy outside now, but what better time to start thinking about great jazz and fabulous friends. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone for Jazz in the Meadow 2007. This site will keep you up to date with the plannings and preparations of July 14, 2007.
So check out the site to see photos and video from the previous Jazz in the Meadow, to find out more about the very talented musicians, or just to dream of warm and sunny weather. Enjoy and begin the countdown.

Welcome to Jazz in the Meadow 2007!

The idea of Jazz in the Meadow started as a dream some years ago. The genesis was a love of jazz combined with a desire to have a gathering of people we admire, respect, and love.

The Bartlett family had a jazz get-together two years ago when we celebrated “Milestones” in our family. We enjoyed it so much and it was so well received that we decided to do it again. This year we are joined again by Benny Benedum in hosting the afternoon and we have extended the musical portion of the program.

As we discussed a theme, Benny and I considered our friendship of 40 years and our great love of jazz – ergo “Friendship and Jazz” became the theme. The best way we could express our thanks to our friends was to have this garden party and entertain them with great jazz. It is our hope that our guests can share this feeling of love and appreciation of friends and jazz – and the nurturing of both.

The afternoon of music starts at 1 pm with the Mike Tomaro quintet. This quintet is comprised of gifted musicians. The leader, Mike Tomaro, is a musical Renaissance man. He heads the Jazz Studies at Duquesne University and he is a composer, arranger, writer, an educator, a recording artist, and an adjudicator at jazz seminars. The other members of the quintet read like a “who’s who” of jazz musicians. All are stars in their own realm. They have appeared on many recording and are in demand locally and nationally.

At 4:30 pm after a short intermission, the Frank Cunimondo trio will take the stage to entertain with their stylish and lyrical presentation of America’s classical music – Jazz. Frank is a legend on the jazz scene having performed nationally and internationally. Locally, Frank has become the standard by which jazz pianists are judged. He is the dean of Pittsburgh’s jazz pianists and taught many of the region’s renowned piano artists. He has recorded about 20 albums, including a CD that was #1 on the Jazz list in Paris just a few years ago.

The trio is made up of Patrick Crossley, a bassist of great talent, and Tom Wendt on drums. Tom is an early winner of the Pittsburgh Jazz Society’s scholarship award. Patrick and Tom have played at many jazz venues in the region. They are the perfect complement to the talented piano mastery of Frank. They will perform as a finale of what we hope will be a pleasant summer afternoon.

Brooks & Helen Bartlett