Three weeks ’til the music of the summer!

Wow, can’t believe that the second biannual Jazz in the Meadow is only 3 weeks away. If you haven’t already RSVPd, please do so, because we – Helen, Nancy, and Sandy are starting to get serious about the food (and, of course, beverage planning) – and we wouldn’t want anyone going hungry.

Any time that we check in with Mom and Dad, we hear another update on what has transpired at the Mountains: the paths have been relaid, more B&B’s have been checked out, the tent has been rented and will be delivered on the 12th. In other words, we are getting excited and hope you are too. If Jazz in the Meadow 2005 is any indication, July 14 is sure to be a jazz extravaganza! It’s already a given that the music will be phenomenal and those are only the acts that we know of – the Mike Tomaro Quintet and Frank Cunimondo Trio never fail to thrill. The Bartlett/Benedum family promise wonderful company, a lovely setting, the aforementioned music, and hardy fare, now all we need to complete the picture is perfect weather . . . So if we could count on the wonderful guests to help out on that end . . .

And speaking of hardy fare, if you have a special dish that you are famous for, or just like to make, we would be happy to add it to our table of delicacies.

Happy Summer and looking forward to seeing everyone in 21 days!

5 thoughts to “Three weeks ’til the music of the summer!”

  1. Hi Helen and Brooks,

    We are looking forward to the 14th. We are anxiously awaiting our pink
    jackets as promised!

    Love ya,

  2. We is ready! I cain’t wait to set my ass down in one of those folding
    chairs agin. I think I knows the way. Pass 7 Springs entrance, pass
    the golf course and turn right in about a half mile. Then what? Any
    signs at the turn?

    Saw your friend, Max Leake, the other day backing up Maureen at the
    outdoor plaza. Terrific stuff!

    Incidentally, when the local talent is not playing during JITM, I am
    hoping you will have Kurt Elling and Stacey Kent available, cause I
    cain’t get enough!

    Gary & Juanita

  3. Helen and Brooks-
    As of this writing we will not be able to join you at your famous meadow. If we could change our plans we will be there and let you know in advance. Thanks for the invitation and hope all goes well.
    Bill and Loraine

  4. Hi Brooks & Helen,

    This was great timing. We just secured our babysitter so we will see
    you on the 14th!

    William Knox

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