“Spring May Be a Little Late This Year”

There are a number of songs that herald the arrival of Spring and many are in the jazz vernacular. “Up Jumped Spring”, “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most”, and many others. However, as I write this – “Spring May Be a Little Late This Year” seems more appropriate. Anyhow, April is Jazz month and I wanted to remind you that Jazz in the Meadow preparations are in full swing. We have heard from many invitees who have circled July 18, 2009 on their calendars.

This year we have a number of surprise guests that will help make the day an entertaining and fun time for all.

The theme or mission of Jazz in the Meadow is the promotion of friendship and jazz. Come join us and advance the cause – seeing old friends and meeting new friends – and the celebration of “America’s original art form” – jazz.

4 thoughts to ““Spring May Be a Little Late This Year””

  1. Helen and Brooks thank you so much for the invitation. Cape May has two Jazz weekends and this weekend is the Spring festival. Looking ahead on our calendar, I believe we will finally make it this year. Hope all is well and see you soon. I will be up for opening day of trout season with Kath and Harley.

    Kathy and John Kornick

  2. Hi Helen, Brooks, Sandy, Sean, Nancy, Gabe, Benny,

    What fun to have an update about “Jazz in the Meadow”. Since we are now
    running with some of the big names in jazz, i.e. Mike Tomaro, Ted Martin,
    and others, we will BE THERE, looking our “jazziest”! As the new updates
    come in, we will stay tuned to what we can bring, etc.

  3. Hi Helen and Brooks,

    Den and I are looking forward to another “Jazz in the Meadow”. We are
    praying for beautiful weather that weekend. We are also hoping you will
    provide us colorful jackets to meet and greet all of your guests. After
    all, we do have an important job, that is if we haven’t been fired since
    last year. HA!! Let us know if we have a choice in the color?

    Love ya,
    Dela and Den

  4. I too am looking forward to the Jazz Festival. I hope I will be able to a join you.

    Ruth Dean

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