Jazz in the Meadow 2011 – Update!

Wow, can’t believe that in just two weeks we will all be enjoying the sounds of jazz in the meadow!

We are still waiting to hear from some of you and hope that you are clearing your schedules because as always it promises to be a fantastic event with all of that incredible talent and all of you wonderful friends. For those who have already RSVP’d, we apologize for the duplicate notice.

We’ve now had days of sun and days of less than stellar weather and it all turns out to be great fun but certainly dress accordingly – it’s just not as fun to sit on a damp beach towel with a white dress.

The Bartlett Girls are working out the menu and as always we welcome favorite foods that you would enjoy bringing. Bocce was a hit in 2009 in between the raindrops and we hope also to have croquet set up.  In between acts please feel free to walk around the area, and even to bring water wear if you would like to play in the creek.

As always we can’t wait to see everyone and to hear some great jazz!

– Brooks & Helen Bartlett

2 thoughts to “Jazz in the Meadow 2011 – Update!”

  1. Ron and I will attend and we will also bring something – likely cookies.

  2. With many regrets, I must inform you that I will be on Marco Island and unable to attend this year’s event. I tried to rearrange my schedule but to no avail. Certainly all will enjoy their day!

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