Jazz in the Meadow 2013 – Update #3

Happy July!

“Jazz in the Meadow” is approaching quickly – 1:00 p.m. Saturday, July 13. We are making “last minute” preparations and would appreciate more solid numbers of attendees to fully accommodate our friends. If you haven’t responded yet, it would help us immensely if you would do so as soon as possible.

It promises to be a grand gathering of friends of the Bartlett/Benedum family. Also, some of the best musicians in the country will be playing. What a combination – great friends, great music, and food and beverages to celebrate this biennial gathering!

With the monsoons that have beset western Pennsylvania the last few weeks, you may want to consider appropriate footwear and chairs rather than blankets.

Friends have been asking if there’s anything they could bring. If you would like to bring an hors d’oeuvre or snack to add to the table, that would be grand. Also, we will have wine, beer, soda, etc. but if you have a favorite beverage, you are certainly welcome to bring that.

Please make your plans and let us know.

Brooks, Helen and Benny

6 thoughts to “Jazz in the Meadow 2013 – Update #3”

  1. Yes, indeed, I will be there with a friend. Thank you so much for including me. Will bring something for the table

  2. Brooks and Helen,

    Dana and I are certainly excited about coming to The Jazz Event of 2013, wouldn’t miss it for the world.

    And thank you for the invitation.

    Don Manges

  3. I am so looking forward to attending. I will be bringing a friend along for the event as well

  4. My precious friends..
    My son George and I will attend …
    I am anxious to see you all…
    It will be a fun filled day …
    See you soon
    Moira Davison

  5. As usual we are at the mercy of the business and hope to get there at an earlier time than we usually do. Please do not prepare for us we just want to show up eventually and enjoy the music,the guests and the hosts!!! My fingers are crossed for a beautiful DRY day.

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